not that serious

What’s good street photography? Among trivial visual knock-knock joke, conceptual work that is complete out of touch, personal photo diary that no one else cares, where is the balance.

This set is a collection of images from my daily life. In another word, they are not from those days on which I go to busy areas in the city with the intention of making some images. Not all of them are street photography in strict sense. But all of them are candid and unstaged. I use this set as test bed to find out where I am in the matrix of elements that make interesting street photography, or interesting photos in general.

They are mostly taken with an Olympus XA. A compact body with flash, it offers everything, but sharpness.

I will see where this set will lead me.

Olympus XA, Kodak Max 400
Burlingame, CA
Nov. 2008

Posted on 03-05-2009 under color, not that serious, on the street